Do you Want to Earn Money Freelancing?
Freelancing is one of the fastest ways to earn money outside of your day job. Within days or weeks, you could potentially earn additional hundreds or thousands of dollars and drastically increase your income.

In this course, we take you step-by-step through the freelancing process and also teach you new skills to monetize. 💵🎁

We're Cody and Julie and we're expert side hustlers. But we weren't always like this... Up until a few years ago, we didn't even know that we could earn money outside of our day jobs.

Even when we got started with our side hustles, we were honestly a bit intimidated. We had no clue what we were doing and we were afraid of putting ourselves out there. We worried about no one buying our services and doubted if we could actually do it.

Since then, we've earned thousands in side hustle revenue each year (and growing)!

Now, we're on a mission to help YOU earn extra $$$ in your spare time by giving you the strategies and the confidence that you can do this! 💰

Before we get into the details of the course, we want to tell you a little about us.

Hey, what's up! I'm Cody -- a 20-something entrepreneur and digital nomad who is obsessed with side hustling and building businesses.
Side hustling has literally transformed my life.

On January 31, 2019, I quit my corporate banking job when my side hustle income started to cover the cost of my lifestyle... and since then I've never looked back!

At the time, I was freelancing, blogging, podcasting, running my disc golf company, and basically anything else I could do to earn additional income.

Out of all my ventures, freelancing was BY FAR the fastest way to earn extra money. 💯

I was writing content for other bloggers, editing audio, and doing a few other small freelance projects on the side.

Here are some of my most profitable days in the past couple of months (check out the PayPal screenshots from my clients). ⬇️

I'm not including these screenshots to show off, but rather to inspire you!

Two years ago I didn't even know that you could make money freelancing. Now, I'm earning more per hour than I was in my corporate banking job.

Our #1 goal with this course is to help you make money as quickly as possible. Ideally, you'll cover the cost of this course in only a few shorts weeks.

Let's make that $$$! 💰

Hey! I'm Julie and I'm a 30-year-old dog-lover living in Seattle, Washington. I'm having my first baby in August and I'm so excited but also nervous about it! I work full-time in tech by day and by night I'm a blogger, podcast host, and Etsy seller.
The cool perspective that I can provide in this course is that I hire freelancers. My business requires me to spend thousands each year outsourcing freelance writing, audio editing, graphic design, and social media management to freelancers that I find on Upwork, Fiverr, and through referrals.

I know that you can make A LOT of money freelancing because I have paid out some serious cash to the awesome freelancers who have worked with me. I also do some contract work myself for other people using the skills I have learned from my side hustles. I can share what your clients will be looking for from you and how to keep them happily paying you over and over.

The biggest motivator to crushing it in this course is figuring out your why. Why are you side hustling? Write that down on a post-it and put it on your wall to remind yourself every day.

The reason that I'm side hustling is that my husband and I want to achieve financial independence so that we can pursue our dream lifestyle. We love hiking and being outdoors and we imagine a life someday where we can have our time back to explore the world with our daughter and cute pup, Dallas.

I never thought I would want to be a stay-at-home Mom because I love my career so much but I'm also having second thoughts as I get closer to the due date. I like the idea that our family household income doesn't depend on our employers alone so that we have more choices. I hope that this course gives you more choices too!

I'm excited to share with you the exact strategies that you need to get started freelancing and to get you pumped up to start making money! 💰


✅ 8 info-packed modules with text and video lectures

✅ Bonus lessons on Social Media and SEO including interviews with industry experts

✅ Weekly assignments and printable lesson plans to keep you on track

✅ Free month in the VIP Facebook group for accountability & community

✅ In-depth tutorials on Freelance Writing, Audio Editing, and Graphic Design

You'll get access to us (Cody & Julie) for weekly coaching via Facebook Live where you can ask any questions you have.

We'll be giving out prizes, hosting challenges, and having fun in the group to keep you motivated.

We're also paying other freelance experts to be in the group with us to answer all of your questions 24/7.


We teach you everything you need to know in order to start making money freelancing. After this 4-week course, you will be able to monetize your existing (or newly gained) skills to buyers.

It's never been easier in history to earn money from anywhere in the world... as long as there's a WiFi connection. 😄

Our #1 goal is to help you more than cover the cost of this course within your first month of freelancing.

Are you up for the challenge? Join in on the course below! 👇


Are there deadlines in this course? How does this work?
No deadlines. It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

I don't have any monetizable skills. Can I do this?
Yes! We teach you three skills in the course (freelance writing, audio editing, and graphic design). You can start to monetize those skills immediately.

Do I have to purchase any special tools or software?
No! We provide free tool recommendations in each and every lecture to keep investment at a minimum for you.

I'm scared I won't be able to do this. Can I do this?
Yes! We will not only give you the tools but also the confidence you need to start freelancing and make money. We were in the same place as you and nervous about putting ourselves out there online. Now, we make thousands of dollars. per month. You can do it!


Cody Berman

Cody is a digital nomad who quit his corporate job to pursue freelancing and entrepreneurship full-time. He replaced his income in weeks. Cody hosts the podcast The FI Show and blogs at Fly to FI. In his spare time, Cody loves weightlifting, playing sports, and travel.

Julie Berninger

Julie lives in Seattle, WA with her husband and dog, Dallas. They are expecting their first child in August! She works in tech full-time but side hustles with a lifestyle blog, Millennial Boss, a financial independence podcast, Fire Drill, and an Etsy Shop for bachelorette party printables, The Swag Elephant.


Alex Fasulo

Fiverr Expert, Made $300k in 1 Year

Paula Pant

Freelance Writing Expert, Host of Afford Anything Podcast

Virginia Elder

Freelance Writer, Founder of Happy Healthy Abundance

Steve Stewart

Professional Podcast Editor, Host of FinCon Podcast Network

Vincent Pugliese

Author of Freelance to Freedom

Robert Gale

Upwork Expert, Founder of Gale Force Marketing

Kristin Larsen

Pinterest Marketing Expert, Founder of Become a Pinterest VA

Gerri Detweiler

Freelance Writing Expert, Credit Expert at Nav


Included in the price of the course are interviews with freelancing experts.

These interviews include:
  • ​General freelancing overview and how to monetize any skill with a best-selling author
  • ​3 In-depth interviews with Freelance Writing Experts on where to find jobs, how to get hired, and writing best practices.
  • ​A deep-dive into Fiverr including profile setup, creating gigs, and even a sneak peek into an expert's earnings.
  • ​An introduction to Upwork including finding gigs, securing proposals, and maximizing your income 
  • ​Audio editing tips and tricks with an expert who has 20+ years in the industry
You have access to the 9 course modules and all of these bonuses indefinitely.


Included in the price of the course is 30 days of free coaching in our VIP Facebook Group.

You can expect:
  • ​Weekly Live events with Cody & Julie where they answer your questions in real-time.
  • ​Ability to watch the replays if you cannot attend the live events at the scheduled time.
  • ​Access to freelancing experts who are paid to answer your questions and provide you support.
  • ​Community and accountability by interacting with others taking the course.
  • ​Challenges, prizes, and more to keep you motivated and having fun!
If you'd like to continue in the VIP group after the free month for access to coaching from us, coaching from the experts, and support from the community, there is a small monthly charge of $29.

Coaching is typically much more expensive than $29 per month but we can leverage the scale of the group to pay our experts well and keep the cost low for you.

We also are confident that if you use the strategies we teach you in the course, you can make way more than $29 per month freelancing. The value of live coaching, access to experts, and the accountability and the support of the community is closer to 10x that price.

You can cancel your membership to the VIP Facebook group at any time and for any reason. You still keep access to the course and all bonus content indefinitely.
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  • Module 1: Welcome and Lesson Plans
  • Module 2: Introduction to Freelancing
  • Module 3: Fiverr
  • Module 4: Upwork
  • Module 5: Freelance Writing
  • Module 6: Audio Editing
  • Module 7: Basic Graphic Design
  • BONUS 1: Resources
  • BONUS 2: Additional Freelancing Ideas


Erik, The Mastermind Within

I took a DIY approach to freelancing when I started last year and didn’t see much progress. I wish there had been a resource out there like the Freelance Toolkit course, but unfortunately, I struggled through the first few months. As much as we love to hear about the self-made businessperson, there is nothing wrong with going to the experts directly and learning from them.

Nick M.

I always thought that you had to be a professional to edit audio. But, after taking the freelancing course, I was able to learn basic audio editing in only a couple of hours. After a bit of practice, I secured my first client only two weeks later! I can’t believe I’m actually earning money with a side hustle. You guys rock!


You get access to all text and videos in the course, bonus content from our guest instructors, and 1 month of free coaching in our VIP Group for just $247.


Similar courses cost anywhere between $400 - $1,000. We want to give you access to this information at the lowest price possible and help you develop a profitable side hustle.

Second, this is a digital course so we can only offer a 7-day refund policy. Please do not buy the course if you are experiencing financial hardship or have extreme stress going on in your life. If you are requesting a refund, we request that you don't proceed beyond module 1.

Important! After purchase, you will be automatically enrolled in our VIP coaching program. You can cancel this membership at any time and for any reason. The first month in this coaching program is completely free. The program is a small fee of $29 per month after the first free month.
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